5 examples of B2B SaaS pricing pages – Dos & Don’ts

In the realm of Software as a Service (SaaS), where competition is fierce and user attention is fleeting, the pricing page is your chance to make a great first impression on potential customers. It’s the gateway to converting leads into paying customers and growing your revenue.

At Untapped Pricing, we review hundreds of pricing pages every year. Here, we share 5 examples of B2B SaaS pricing pages and highlight some key takeaways that you can use to improve your pricing page performance, too. SaaS pricing comes in all shapes and sizes. For this round, we’ll look at self-service SaaS pages—or those services that a customer can buy with the click of a button, sales conversations and lengthy, personalised demos not required.

What are the key elements of a great SaaS Pricing Page?

A well-crafted pricing page should clearly explain the value of your product, highlight its features, and guide customers smoothly through the purchase process. More than just a price list, a compelling pricing page tells a story about the benefits your product can offer. Here are 7 key qualities of a great SaaS pricing page:

  • Be clear and concise: Your pricing page should be easy to read and understand. Visitors should be able to quickly find the information they’re looking for, without having to wade through a lot of jargon or technical details.
  • Offer choice and signposting: Offer a limited number of options at different price points. Include a concise description per option to clearly signpost the benefits and aid quick, informed decision-making.
  • Highlight the most important features: Not all features have equal importance. Make sure to highlight the features that are most relevant to your target audience and that will provide the most value to their businesses.
  • Use visual prompts: Visual prompts can help to make your pricing page more engaging and easier to read. Use a clear visual hierarchy to help differentiate between options, apply colour and size variations to highlight differences in value and consider anchoring the reader on a recommended option.
  • Include a call to action: Tell your visitors what you want them to do next. Whether it’s signing up for a free trial, requesting a demo, or contacting sales, make sure it’s clear what the next step is.
  • Encourage upsell: If applicable, consider offering add-ons or premium features that users can purchase to enhance their experience. This can generate additional revenue streams.
  • Include pricing FAQs: Address common questions about pricing, such as billing cycles, payment methods, and upgrade options. This can provide transparency and reduce customer concerns & friction.

Great, now that you’re familiar with the elements of an effective SaaS pricing page, let’s dive into examples that showcase compelling pricing strategies.

5 examples of B2B SaaS pricing pages – In review


Webflow is a cloud-based website creation platform that enables users to create professional-looking websites without any coding knowledge. It offers a drag-and-drop interface, a wide range of templates, and built-in hosting. Here’s Webflow’s pricing page:

Screenshot of webflow's pricing page

Webflow Pricing Page: Strengths

  • The pricing table is clear and concise making it easy to compare different plans.
  • It is clear who each plan is for and what you get.
  • It caters to different customer groups, offering suitable plans for all.

Webflow Pricing Page: Opportunities

  • Disclose costs for additional features like e-commerce.
  • Streamline pricing tiers to further enhance ease of comparison (there is power in 3s!)
  • Make use of storytelling to engage new visitors and drive home the unique value in each tier.


Mailchimp is a cloud-based email marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes grow their customer base and engage with their audience. Here’s the Mailchimp pricing page:

Screenshot of the GBP pricing page on the Mailchimp website

Mailchimp Pricing Page: Strengths

  • It assists the decision-making by providing a ”Find my plan” guide.
  • Newly released beta features are included and a free, 1-month trial is offered on most plans.
  • The highest price option is on the left, anchoring the reader’s perception of subsequent prices.

Mailchimp Pricing Page: Opportunities

  • Make sure package descriptions work harder to signpost the reader to the best option for them.
  • Include a section on the page dedicated to use cases & testimonials to add credibility.
  • Elevate 3-5 key features that differentiate each package to appeal fast and instinctive ‘systems 1′ thinking.


Monday.com is a versatile work operating system that centralizes teamwork, project management, and task tracking in a customizable, visual, and collaborative platform. Here’s Monday.com pricing page:

Screenshot of Monday.com's Pricing Page

Monday.com Pricing Page: Strengths

  • Demo videos are powerful levers to help potential customers make informed decisions.
  • Customer logos and testimonials add credibility to the page.
  • The comprehensive FAQ section helps answer the most common pricing questions.

Monday.com Pricing Page: Opportunities

  • Reduce the font size used to display the price.
    (Studies have found big font sizes can make a price feel higher than it is.)
  • Avoid pre-populating calculators like in the ‘Team size’ here —it’s easy to create numbers confusion if the option to change the team size is missed. Instead, include a nudge to complete the calculator themselves.
  • Make call-to-action buttons clear.
    (If I click “get started” which am I getting started with?)


Mixpanel is an analytics platform that helps businesses understand user behaviour across their digital platforms, offering insights to optimise product experiences and drive growth by tracking user interactions and events. Here’s Mixpanel pricing page:

Screenshot of the pricing page from Mixpanel

Mixpanel Pricing Page: Strengths

  • The pricing is not overly complex and includes 3 distinct pricing tiers that are easy to compare.
  • It offers the option to build custom plans based on each customer’s needs & goals.
  • The ‘Create your plan’ builder offers a guided, step-by-step purchase journey

Mixpanel Pricing Page: Opportunities

  • Move feature comparisons close to the package selection for easier access.
  • Offer free trials on paid plans to allow potential customers to explore all features for a limited time.
  • Reduce the decision-making burden by adopting a more advanced pricing strategy with tailored plans for different segments.


Jira is a powerful project management tool primarily used for tracking and managing software development projects, facilitating collaboration among teams, and overseeing issue tracking and task management. Here’s Jira pricing page:

Screenshot of the Jira pricing page

Jira Pricing Page: Strengths

  • Each feature listed opens an informative pop-up that describes the feature clearly.
  • Allowing new visitors to take a quiz to pick the right plan facilitates decision making.
  • Different plan recommendations are highlighted based on the number of users selected.

Jira Pricing Page: Opportunities

  • Consider the value of each plan (beyond the number of users) and signpost to the best plan based on needs met, not just numbers.
  • Connect value to price by offering a value proposition for each option.
  • Consider adding a chatbot assistant to promptly answer visitors’ questions.

Need help with your pricing strategy? Let’s work together!

Remember, a pricing page is not just a list of prices; it’s a powerful asset and storytelling tool to showcase the value proposition of your product and highlight the benefits your customers can achieve. By effectively communicating the value of your product, you can infuse confidence in potential customers, encourage them to take action, and ultimately boost your SaaS business revenue by converting more visitors to a paid plan. To learn more, check out this guide featuring a set of Design Principles for Presenting Pricing Information.

If you’re looking to get some expert advice on your current pricing page or are looking to redesign your pricing strategy, make sure to get in touch with us! Take a look at our services or send an email to: hello@untappedpricing.co.uk. We can’t wait to hear more about your business and help you unlock new growth