SaaS pricing: 7 qualities of a great pricing page

For SaaS companies (Software as a Service), the pricing page plays a crucial role in shaping the initial impression for prospective clients. It serves as the pivotal point for transforming leads into revenue-generating customers.

Here, we share a checklist of 7 qualities of a great SaaS pricing page you can use to enhance the effectiveness of how you display your pricing.

Interested in learning more? We use these 7 qualities to review some examples of B2B SaaS pricing pages in this article.

SaaS pricing: 7 qualities of a great pricing page

1. Is it SaaS pricing clear and concise?

Your pricing page should be easy to read and understand.Visitors should be able to quickly find the information they’re looking for, without having to wade through a lot of jargon or technical details.

2. Is there an element of choice in your SaaS pricing?

Offer a limited number of options at different price points. This shifts decision making from a binary decision of buy or don’t buy to “Which should I buy?”

3. Does pricing highlight the most important features?

Not all features have equal importance. Make sure to highlight the features that are most relevant to your target audience and that will provide the most value.

4. Are the visuals compelling?

Visual prompts can help to make your pricing page more engaging and easier to read. Use a clear visual hierarchy to help differentiate between options, considering how colour and size variations aid in highlighting value, anchor the reader on a recommended option, and guide customer decisions.

5. Is there a clear call to action?

Tell your visitors what you want them to do next. Whether it’s signing up for a free trial, requesting a demo, or contacting sales, make sure it’s clear what the next step is.

6. Is there an upsell opportunity?

If applicable, consider offering add-ons or premium features that users can purchase to enhance their experience. This can generate additional revenue streams.

7. Are common questions addressed?

Address common questions about pricing, such as billing cycles, payment methods, and upgrade options. This can provide transparency and reduce customer concerns & friction.

Put a fresh pair of eyes on your pricing page

Increasing your price is not the only way to have a big impact on your bottom line. Small changes to the way you display prices and simple experiments to test how customers respond to those changes can have a transformational impact on your business.

At Untapped, our pricing psychology service brings a fresh pair of eyes to how and when a customer sees pricing in the buying experience. We pinpoint changes to how prices are framed in the purchase flow and identify opportunities to ‘nudge’ customer behaviours. Work with us to deploy pricing psychology and:

  • Map the current pricing journey and gather insights through the eyes of the customer
  • Run a multi-expert review to identify nudges from the perspective of pricing psychology and behavioural science
  • Identify quick wins and long-term opportunities
  • Set up a testing plan to quantify the impact of new pricing nudges