Pricing Sprint

Unlock your pricing confidence in 10 weeks with Untapped’s award-winning Pricing Sprint

We find out what customers are willing to pay, identify what drives value and validate your pricing decisions

If you are looking to grow, build equity, or hit those revenue targets – take it from us – you need to remove the guesswork from your pricing.

We’re here to help.

The Pricing Sprint is designed for…

Startups and innovation teams looking to design your pricing for a new product or service to maximise reach, revenue and brand alignment.

Scaling and established organisations looking to redesign current pricing to respond to recent market forces, grow sales or raise profitability.

Book a call with Untapped Founder, Jenny Millar to explore if the Price Design Sprint is the right for you.

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Price with confidence

We build enduring pricing capabilities (not slide decks). Plan to roll up your sleeves. We work together to make progress, break through roadblocks and set pricing that drives growth.

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Set the Foundations

Set a shared vision, quantify which features drive the most value and develop pricing prototypes

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Test Willingness to Pay (WTP)

Validate early hypothesis and WTP through customer conversations, using learnings to refine the pricing strategy as we go

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Finalise Pricing Model

Determine the pricing model and prepare your internal team to lead the pricing conversation.

Pricing expertise with a refreshing twist

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Our 10-week Pricing Sprint comes with a refreshing Design Thinking twist.

No boring Zoom calls here. We design every session to make progress at pace and accelerate collaboration.

Come as you are. Our expert facilitators leverage your team’s existing knowledge and remove the guesswork by bringing data-led, customer-centered decision making to the table.

We are so confident you will love the way we work, we offer teams a free, 90-minute session to get to know us.

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Sandra Soskic
CEO & Founder – Humanoid

“Untapped have given us a rich understanding of our target segments and what they are willing to pay. They also fast-tracked our thinking on feature prioritisation, bundling, subscription models and market sizing.

The unexpected insights went right to the core of our proposition and we’ll be rebalancing our product roadmap as a result.”

Ready to learn more?

Schedule a call with Untapped Pricing’s Founder, Jenny Millar to learn more about how you can price with confidence.