Pricing tactics to attract new customers

How to attract more customers using pricing

Are you looking for pricing tactics to help attract more customers?

In this video, Jenny shares 3 go-to tactics:

  1. Remove the pricing barrier
    Let customers get a flavor of what you offer for free; a free tier, a free trial, or a free consultation. These can all be very powerful as acquisition tools but make sure you’re able to quickly demonstrate that there’s a high conversion onto your profitable services.
  2. Price to cover your costs
    Simply break even on a foot-in-the-door service or the part of your offering that’s most comparable to the competition. Prices will need to go up elsewhere to compensate, but by that point, your string of new happy customers are far easier to upsell to!
  3. Give customers options
    Options at different price points can simultaneously attract customers with different budgets and different preferences. Learn more in our guide here.